Neighbourhood Plan

Notice is given that the Draft Neighbourhood Plan for Bridge
is being consulted on from February 26 until 16 April 2018.

Copies of the plan can be accessed:

• By post. Write to the Clerk 47 High St Bridge Ct4 5JZ
• Online-follow the links on
• Visiting businesses in the High St which show they have a copy.

Public responses to this Regulation 14 consultation
to be received by 16 April 2018 can be sent by post to the parish office
at 47 High St Bridge CT4 5JZ or online via

Public consultation events in Bridge Village Hall
Sunday 18 March 2- 5 p.m. + Saturday 7 April 5-8 p.m.

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Bridge Neighbourhood Plan Committee Information Event - 21 jan 2017

Bridge Neighbourhood Plan Committee is holding an information event on Saturday 21 January 2017 from 10.00 am until 1 p.m. in Bridge Village Hall to which all villagers are invited. Members of the committee will be present to discuss any aspects of the plan which can be read in full here.

The event will consist of 3 displays: one showing the open spaces which are likely to be included in the Plan ( comments on these will be most welcome). The second will show views of the village from different directions. Villagers will be invited to express their views on those views which they would most like to see protected in the Plan. There will also be a display of the proposed village design statement, which it is hoped will form part of the Neighbourhood Plan.

Villagers will also be able to discuss a recent report received from a planning adviser on the Neighbourhood Plan. This can be read here and here.

The results of a traffic survey (conducted from 10-17 Jan) in the High St may be available also.

Please drop in whenever you can to find out more and to ask any questions you might have on the plan and also to make any comments which you wish the committee to note.

An account of the Neighbourhood Plan process was outlined on the village website ( in a post dated 16 December 2016. It can also be read here.

Villagers may also be interested in statistical information about the village which has recently been acquired by the Neighbourhood Plan committee. It is available here.

So please make a note of the date and time and the members of the committee will be pleased to talk with you about the Neighbourhood Plan.

The committee (which is an advisory committee of the Parish Council) is composed of 3 parish councillors (Sue Hodges, Alan Atkinson and Rosy Atkinson) and 7 other villagers, Joe Connor (Chair), John Hill, Terry Wilmshurst, Christobel Seath, Kathy Walder, Mervyn Gulvin and Esther Hall (who also takes the minutes). The membership of the committee was confirmed by the Parish Council on Thursday 12 January 2017.

Monthly meetings of the group are held in the Hunter Room and are open to the public. Agendas and minutes are posted on the parish noticeboard next to the White Horse pub and in the planning section of the parish council pages of the village website

Bridge Neighbourhood Plan Group update - 16th December 2016

Dear Residents,

It has been a little while since you have been updated on the Neighbourhood Plan even though it has been a standing item at meetings of the Parish Council. This has largely been due to the on-going examination of Canterbury City's Draft Local Plan which has forced us to take a pause while the Government's Planning Inspectorate does its work, including Housing Allocations for Bridge.

We haven't been idle however. In June we took on board an experienced community planner Jim Boot (an Associate with Action for Communities in Rural Kent) to help advise us. Some of you will have met Jim at the Summer Fair (held at Bridge Primary school) just after he was appointed. On the advice of Jim and colleagues at Planning Aid and CPRE Kent we have now:

Commissioned a Rural Place (statistical) Profile of Bridge from Action for Communities in Rural England to strengthen our evidence base.
Met with Canterbury City Council's new Planning Policy Manager on two occasions in July and October. We now have received their written response to the most recent draft of the Bridge Neighbourhood Plan.
Received written responses from the Environment Agency, Kent Downs AONB Unit, Kent County Council Environment and Highways Teams.
Held a site visit to look at traffic issues with a Highways Planner from Kent County Council.
Commissioned a traffic survey from Road Data Services which we hope to use as evidence to support any future traffic improvement measures in Bridge.
Undertaken a site survey of Important Local Green Spaces to include in our plan for protection from future development.
Most recently commissioned a 'health-check' of the draft Plan from an independent planning expert who has helped 20 neighbourhood plans to completion. The 'health-check' report will be made available to you on this website in January.

All of the above will be used to sharpen up our plan which we aim to publish and make available to you in the New Year, for our final six-week (Pre-Submission Regulation 14) consultation. By then we should also have heard back from the Government's Planning Inspectorate on the site allocations for Bridge.

All of your responses will be anonymised, published and used to draw up the Plan that is then submitted to Canterbury City Council to check that it meets so-called 'Basic Conditions' or in laymans terms the government's legal requirements. Following a further six week Statutory Consultation, that they undertake on our behalf, the Plan and all the responses received will then be go to an Examiner appointed jointly by us and Canterbury City Council. Should our Plan then pass Examination, or simply require a few minor amendments, the Plan will then be put to you to vote on in a Referendum whether you are in favour of the plan in its entirety or not. Should the Plan be approved by you at Referendum it is then made by Canterbury City Council and will thereafter be used to assess any future Planning Applications/Permissions in Bridge.

Please make a note of this date when there will be a chance to find out more and feed in your comments on the plans: Saturday January 21 in Bridge Village Hall. There will be a further update on this site prior to that meeting. A copy of the draft plan will be posted here shortly, as well as the statistical profile and responses received from Canterbury City Council.
If you'd like any further information, please contact the Parish Clerk by e-mail.

Bridge Neighbourhood Plan committee

Analysis of Returns by villagers expressing their preferences for house building in the village - April 2016

Anonymised Returns by villagers expressing their preferences for house building in the village - April 2016

Parish Council response to SHLAA sites - September 2012

Canterbury City Council is in the process of drawing up a new District Plan. 8 out of the 10 scenarios in the proposals call for further housing in the district. The City Council, based on input from land owners and developers, asked the Parish Council to comment on three sites in Bridge which were deemed to require "further investigation" as SHLAA (Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment) sites.

As part of the ongoing Neighbourhood Plan process, a questionnaire about many aspects of the village was distributed to every household in Bridge. Based on parts of this questionnaire, the Parish Council has prepared a response to the City Council on the 3 sites. The deadline for this response is September 28th 2012.

The Parish Council totally rejected any development on the Church Meadow site and only agreed to very limited development on the other two sites - 10 houses on the land next to the Doctors' Surgery and 8 affordable houses next to the ones already on Brickfields.

The relevant documents (click to view):

1. The Parish Council's response to the proposed SHLAA sites - including a summary of the views expressed by villagers in replies to the Questionaire.

2. The full map of the village showing the Parish Council's proposals for restricted areas within the SHLAA sites for development over the next 20 years submitted to Canterbury City Council.

3. A section (with the SHLAA areas highlighted) from the full map of the village showing the Parish Council's proposals for restricted areas within the SHLAA sites for development over the next 20 years submitted to Canterbury City Council.